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LEAPTON SOLAR is a solar PV enterprise established in Kobe, Japan, the major products of which include solar PV components and solar mounting system.

To reduce costs, LEAPTON SOLAR set up a procurement office in Shanghai, China in 2012. To meet the requirements of its headquarters in Japan as regards technology and quality, the PV mounting system were produced in Chinese plants.

In 2013, the market positioning to mainly produce PV mounting system was settled and thus the Kobe-based mounting system R&D team was expanded and a PV mounting system research and design team was formed in Shanghai, China. In the same year, a new generation of cost-effective products that met the market demand were rolled out and recognized by clients shortly. This is because on the premise that the product was guaranteed to be wind-resistant, snow-resistant and salt-spray-resistant, its price was much lower than its competing products of the same kind while maintaining the same service level of Japanese products.

In 2014, Shanghai-based PV mounting system marketing center was set up, targeting markets beyond Japan. The products are highly acclaimed by clients for the following merits:
  The product quality is consistent with those sold back to Japan.
As there are sufficient designers and standardized product design, the design cycle can be shortened to 1 to 3 days.
Thanks to product standardization and the ready inventory throughout the year, delivery is guaranteed to be made within 3 to 10 days.
Owing to massive production, the costs of production and service are under effective control.

In the future, we hope to promote our high-quality PV mounting systems which are delicate in appearance and wind-resistant, snow-resistant and salt-spray-resistant to more quality projects worldwide, thus ensuring the stable income of our PV plant in the twenty years to come.

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